Usage & Dosage

Interaction with medication

Our CBD and hemp products are intended as a gentle way to supplement a healthy diet and bring about a sense of balance and wellbeing, however as with all plant medicine there can still be profound effects within the body. In particular, CBD can block the receptors through which medication is absorbed into the bloodstream. Please remember to leave at least two hours between taking any medication and your hemp/CBD as uptake of your meds may otherwise be inhibited. For blood thinners leave at least four hours. We also advise that you speak to your doctor if you have any kind of chronic health condition and ask them to monitor you and your progress.

Chocolate Hearts

If you are new to cannabis, or perhaps if it is a long time since you have had any in your system, we recommend starting off gently with our standard strength (4mg) chocolates. Eat one chocolate, once a day, and let it melt in your mouth slowly for best results – there are lots of cannibinoid receptors in your mouth and the CBD is best absorbed here than further along in your digestive system. We also recommend taking one day off a week to avoid building up a tolerance, which can work out more expensive as after a while you will need more CBD to achieve the same effect. Once your system is used to cannabis you may wish to try the double strength (8mg) chocolates. You may also like to try different flavours in turn as this will also help you to avoid building up a tolerance. Each flavour contains a unique range of terpenes from the botanical extracts we add and has been formulated to create a specific physiological effect. Different terpenes cause cannibinoids to affect the body in different ways and alternating your terpene combinations regularly can be beneficial. We would love to hear from you if you have found one of our flavours particularly helpful!


To make a delicious brew, use one teaspoonful of your chosen hemp & herb tea blend in a tea ball or pot and pour over boiling water. Leave to steep for 5-10 mins, ideally covered to preserve the volatile oils of the plants, and then enjoy without milk.

For Masala Chai, add one teaspoon per cup of cow, goat or plant milk and warm through gently to just hot in a saucepan, taking care not to let it boil. We love to add a teaspoon of Hemp Honey too!


Hemp Honey can be used as you would use ordinary honey – a teaspoonful a day is a good amount (5g of honey will give you 5mg of CBDa) or simply use as required. You may like to add it to your hemp tea, have it on a cracker, on toast, in salad dressing or just straight out of the jar! (We won’t tell anyone, promise! )


The beauty of balm is that it can be applied to where it is needed most, and it won’t affect absorption of any medication you may be taking. So whether your hands are aching after a long day in the garden, your back needs some relief or you’re looking tired after a long week – just use as needed. Our favourite is as a deep moisture face mask… Who says you can’t fit eight hours sleep into a wee tin?!