UK Legal Products

All of our products are UK legal. We use CBD hemp extract made from cannabis sativa legally grown in Europe. It is an EU approved hemp strain, which means it has been bred to contain less than 0.2% THC. The lab report from our supplier confirms this and we are happy to provide these by email to anyone interested, along with a terpene report. None of our products contain more than 1mg of THC in total in order to conform to UK law.

Our tea is made with chopped hemp leaves and flowers from an EU approved strain, which are also confirmed UK legal, conforming to the requirement for the aerial parts of hemp to be ‘processed.’

We have been monitoring and supporting the ongoing campaign to make medical cannabis more widely available and to bring in clearer guidelines with regards to the use of CBD in food, and will respond to any new information as it becomes available. We sincerely hope to see cannabis become more accessible for all who need it to use in the near future.