Full Spectrum Rosemary Infused Hemp Balm



All natural and organic full spectrum super strength CBD hemp balm. Made with cold-pressed hemp seed and coconut oils and 140mg CBD per 40g tin.

We first infuse our hempseed oil with hemp leaf for extra potency before adding a concentrated hemp extract to guarantee a minimum level of CBD.

Our Full Spectrum Infused Balm may be used for the skin, muscles and on pulse points to aid relaxation.

We then infuse herbs grown here on our land without chemicals, and finally add a few drops of organic essential oil to heighten the scent.

Rosemary is Energising & Invigorating – you’ll know it as a key ingredient in a certain famous bath soak, it’s your body’s best friend when your muscles and joints are crying out for a break! It’s great on your hands too if you do a lot of physical work.

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Pure Hemp, Rosemary Infused, Lavender Infused, Chamomile Infused


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