Raw Wildflower & CBDa Hemp Honey 200g




Wildflower honey – pure and simple, blended with a raw cannibinoid extract rich in CBDa.

Nothing could be easier to include in your daily wellbeing routine, and best of all – it tastes great!

Both honey and trichomes are organic and ethically harvested, and one 5 gram serving will provide you with over 5mg of CBDa, plus a full range of the cannibinoids found occurring in the plant.

Hemp honey can be taken at any time of day; on its own, on a cracker or toast, stirred into tea or hot chocolate, added to salad dressing or any other way you like!

Each 200g jar contains 200mg CBDa, or 40 servings of 5mg each which makes our honey one of the best value ways you can add the benefits of a cannibinoid rich hemp supplement to your diet.

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