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Organic, full spectrum CBD edibles and bodycare hand-made in the Northeast of Scotland with the only the finest quality ingredients.

Our aim is to provide you with your daily CBD in the most delicious way possible – from our dark chocolate CBD hearts made with the finest Madagascan 70% cocoa chocolate, to our full spectrum balm containing herbal infused cold pressed hemp seed and coconut oils.



We have a full range of organic CBD products, all made with high quality full spectrum paste because we believe in using the whole of the plant for maximum benefit. We also believe that looking after your health and well being shouldn´t cost the earth, so as well as being ethically produced, our prices are fair too. Take a look at our products and find out more…


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Customer reviews


Highly recommended these products! All handmade. Chocolates taste amazing and balms are amazing on my dry and irritated skin.❤️
Practice Manager


Beautiful products. I’ve been using the balm for a sprain.
Nothing better.
Good prices and made with love.


Life changing.
Horse trainer


Best balm and real, good chocolates!


Dreamy, creamy organic choccies that make you feel cosy! Lovely service with a personal touch. Will be ordering again!


Just on with my first order which is the hemp chai-tea. I think its freakin amazing stuff, most importantly it tastes really good and me and my partner relax with a pot of tea after we put our 5 month old twin babies to bed. If you’re thinking of trying it do, I’ve already ordered more so we don’t run out. My new favourite tea.
Outreach worker


Love the products, especially the Lemon Juniper and Rosemary, only problem is they’re so nice it’s hard to treat them as
medicine…. requires a level of self control!!


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What can CBD do for me? A note from the founder of Northern Delights

CBD is not a miracle cure. It won’t make hair grow back where it’s thin, cellulite disappear, eyelashes longer or tummies flat. And while we’re at it, let’s call it by it’s botanical name, cannabis sativa. CBD is simply one of the active elements of a whole plant that works in synergy with the other cannibinoids and terpenes to create a holistic, balancing, system wide effect on the whole body, via the endocannibionid system. This whole plant action on the body is known as ‘the entourage effect’ and is only achieved by using a full spectrum cannabis product. Scientists are discovering more each day about the endocannabinoid system and how it is implicated in all aspects of our health, from immune response to mental wellbeing. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years in cultures across the world, and it’s ubiquity stems from the fact that it is beneficial on so many levels. 

I prefer not to use the word ‘marijuana’ because of its historically racist overtones, but those who use cannabis for recreation, typically with a higher THC content, tend to swear by it’s efficacy for relaxation and enhanced creativity. So far, this kind of cannabis is not yet legally available in the UK, so the plant material that we use comes from hemp, the common name for cannabis bred to have only a trace amount of THC. This means that our products do not have psychoactive properties and are therefore widely suitable for anyone looking to supplement their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Of course, we encourage all of our customers to seek advice from a medical professional, particularly with regards to pregnancy and possible interactions with pharmaceutical medications. However, we have yet to meet a person who has tried our hemp-based skincare and food supplements and has not found some benefit.

Certainly I have found that regular use of low THC cannabis has changed the way that I live my life, or I wouldn’t be writing this today. It is part of my essential toolkit for health and wellbeing, one that includes mindfulness, a healthy wholefoods diet, gentle movement, spending plenty of time in nature, slowing my pace of life and listening to what my body needs. Northern Delights was created because I believe that it is within each and every person’s power to be living a better life, if we are prepared to work on ourselves to manage our own emotions, communicate with compassion, reduce the amount of stress and tension that we carry and strive to inhabit a place of peace and acceptance.
To that end, hemp is a gentle helper and a friend to lean on. It’s your grandma’s soup when your feet are frozen, it’s your best friend making you laugh when you’ve been let down, it’s a foot rub from your partner after a long day at work, a cuddle from your cat when you’re feeling low. Cannabis, in essence, is love in plant form, and we want to share it with you.

Thanks for reading,


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